A race uniquely adapted to survival in extremely cold climates, the Fvost have lived in this sector of the galaxy in harmony with their surroundings for eons. When other races began to explore the region, they watched and waited in silence. To their horror they quickly realized that other civilizations did not have the same respect for the harmony of nature as they. Reluctantly turning their advanced technology to the art of warfare, the Fvost have become a military force to be reckoned with.

Kaj is the second child of Ekaj and Haban. Smart, stubborn and beautiful, she learned the arts of combat from her grandfather. When war broke out between the 4 powers, Kaj was the first in her class to enlist in the armed forces. She is a thoughtful, moderate commander but can become very emotionally involved in conflicts.

Fvost ships and ground units under Kaj's command recieve bonuses to their attack and defense.


The ChaAr are warriors in the truest sense of the word. They live for confrontation, and the pursuit of a formidable adversary. Not surprisingly the ChaAr show little mercy toward cowards. Krendoq, their homeworld, is a smoldering, fiery planet where every day is a struggle to survive - and the ChaAr wouldnt have it any other way. The preferred means of settling disputes among Cha'ar is the Patoq, a ritualized duel to the death.

KraAg won his first Patoq victory at the age of 15. Orphaned only a year earlier, he was forced to learn the ways of battle quickly, even for a ChaAr, and rose rapidly in the ranks until he was commanding entire armies. He is one of the galaxys leading military strategists, but his lust for confrontation can often lead him to make rash choices.

Cha'ar ships and ground units under Kra'ag's command recieve bonuses to their attack and defense.


Though seemingly ghoulish to outsiders, the Groth consider themselves to be a proud and noble race. As a society, what started as a healthy motivation to live longer has become a grotesque obsession with longevity. Due to endless mining and overproduction the Groth homeworld is a swamp-ridden wasteland covered in ash. Despite these factors, their incredibly long life spans have given the Groth a keen appreciation for beauty, philosophy and art, an irony that is not wasted on them.

The 500 years of Mhaal's life have not dulled his senses or his curiosity. Mhaal is a great commander due to his endless fascination with the mechanics of war and the psychology of his adversaries. He sees every encounter as an opportunity for experimentation and exploration, and can be exceptionally devious and cunning.

Groth ships and ground units under Mhaal's command recieve bonuses to their attack and defense.


A restrictive and judgemental theocracy, the Altans place little value on intellectual pursuits that do not directly benefit the spread of their dogma. For the citizens of Altis, constant war has become a way of life. After all, the universe is filled with heretics who threaten to sully the word of the Basilicon. For the Altans, the choice is clear - one either lives by the word or must die by it.

Vagell was born into the house of Val, and grew up lacking for nothing. He was educated in the finest academies and has a thorough understanding of the Altan doctrine. A model student, servant, and son, his long list of successful missionary voyages has placed him in high regard with the Basilicon.

Altan ships and ground units under Vagell's command recieve bonuses to their attack and defense.