Game Basics

Q1. What is Supremacy: Four Paths To Power?

Supremacy is a futuristic turn-based game of strategic combat developed by Black Hammer Game, one of New York's most promising new game companies. The player takes command of one of four alien races in an effort to lead their troops to complete universal domination, either battling against a finely-tuned adpative AI or against other players over the Internet. Combat happens both in space, where over a dozen unique ships attack and defend with a number of special attacks and upgrades, and on the ground, where armies clash using gigantic mechs, flamethrowers, suicide bombers and more.

Q2. When is Supremacy being released?

The game is available from Black Hammer Game.

Q3. What are the system requirements for Supremacy?

Minimum Requirements
Windows 98, Windows2000, Windows XP
Direct X 9
3d Card with a minimum of 64meg VRAM
800mhz Pentium 3 or better.

Technical Issues

Q1. I can't get the game to run. What should I do?

Download and install DirectX 9.

Q2. The game is crashing and/or graphics are garbled or missing

Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card.

Q3. The game is very slow to respond and/or the graphics are jumpy.

There are many ways to improve game performance. First, try running the game in full-screen mode. If this is not enough of an improvement, try reducing the resolution of the game (i.e. if it was 1024x768, reduce it to 800x600). Finally, you can also reduce the bit-depth from 32 bit to 16 bit. All of these settings are adjusted from the graphics control panel that is displayed before the game starts.

Q4. Game crashes when alt-tab, alt-esc, or alt-ctrl-delete is pressed in full-screen mode.

You cannot switch out of full-screen mode using these methods. You should save your game, exit, restart the game and choose windowed mode from the graphic options panel. When the game starts, load your saved game.

Q5. In windowed mode a just-in-time debugger window appears every few seconds, asking if I would like to debug a problematic script. If the user clicks "no" the game continues for a few seconds, then the dialog appears again. In fullscreen mode, the game locks up completely.

Solution: This error only occurs when users have Microsoft Visual Studio .NET installed. To stop this error from appearing:
1) Open Visual Studio .NET
2) Go to the "Tools" menu
3) Choose "Options"
4) Go to the "Debugging" options
5) Go to the "Just-In-Time" options
6) Uncheck "Script" in the list of types JIT should debug

Q6. Cannot connect to an Internet player whose IP I have typed in.

Solution 1: All players who are behind a router need to open ports 6554 (UDP) and 6555 (TCP) in order to play Supremacy over the Internet.
Solution 2: Both players should download the latest game patch from the Supremacy website. You can only play with someone who has the same version, and we recommend playing with the newest version.

Q7. Do not see any players listed when I click "Find IP on LAN."

Solution 1: This option only lists players on your local area network (not players on the Internet). If you are sure there is another player on your LAN, make sure both players have the same version of Supremacy. Download the latest patch from the website.
Solution 2: Some routers may block UDP broadcast messages. Try choosing "Type In IP" and entering your opponent's IP directly.